Welcome to Discustudent !
Welcome to Discustudent !
Stop wasting time playing around in useless websites, just join Discustudent and unlock a new reality.

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About Discustudent

Key features


Our site is fast and responsive !


All of this was build by students, for students. No school or company involved !


We use industry-leading design tools to make sure our platform is easy to read and customizable easily.


Screw the useless customer support, if you need help, just message us and it won't be an automated bot sending random answers !

Why join us ?

Why join Discustudent ?

Easy to use

Discustudent is easy to use, and our friendly staff are always here to help !

Large community

With our large community, you can get an answer to anything and someone is always ready to chat !


You can easily get all school news in the annoucements category directly when it comes out, so you never miss anything !


All posts are distributed in categories, which makes it easy to only read posts that interest you, and get answers faster if you select the write one when creating your post !

The Team

The ones who runs this amazing project 💖 !

If you see this, this image couldn't load properly. 😳


After getting the idea from Zéphyr, Fabrizio immediately started working on this project. All of this is the fruit of his hard work ! Yes, I wrote that



Máté contributed actively to the creation of Discustudent. He also made part of the themes available on the website.



Zéphyr was the first person to imagine the concept that later became Discustudent. He helped in various ways in the development of Discustudent.

Thank you for being with us !


The best user

This project is also run by you ! Who knows what'd we'd do without our wonderful community 😍 !

Time spent on development


Conviced ?

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Together, let's create a new way we come together.